Digital Knights joins Simple Token as Advisory Member in the push for Tokenization

BUSINESS | 01 Nov 2017

Amid the rise of corporate and consumer-facing Blockchain technology, Digital Knights is pleased to announce an agreement with Simple Token to become an advisory member for the side-chain protocol, utility-token, and SaaS platform for business and consumer-app tokenization.

Simple Token enables any company to create, launch, and manage its own branded digital token economy, powered by Simple Token’s protocols and software. The OpenST protocol, live and available, enables companies to launch their own Branded Tokens, minted on open scalable side blockchains staked against the Simple Token Ethereum based ERC20 token. The Simple Token SaaS platform, under development, gives companies the tools to manage, customize, monitor, and analyze their token economy.


Yesterday, Simple Token named Digital Knights as one of the first four member companies ahead of Simple Token’s official sale of Simple Token, abbreviated ST, an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum mainnet on November 14.

In a combined effort to advance tokenization, Digital Knights will offer its services to Simple Token and its members. Digital Knights will also explore tokenization of its own business and platform, as well as provide the Simple Token SaaS tools to its approved tech teams for tokenization of the applications they develop. Altogether, this collaboration aims to find new and unique ways to innovate on top of the Simple Token strategy by welcoming the experience and expertise of approved tech teams in the Digital Knights network.

Digital Knights is looking forward to joining forces with Simple Token to foster an environment where innovation thrives, adoption comes early, and all parties benefit.

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