5 Reasons You Should Consider Outsourcing Software Development

Editor's Note: This following is a guest post by Maria Wachal, the Marketing and Growth Manager at Digital Knights partner SoftwareMill. In order to stay competitive in the digital economy, companies must utilise various technologies. Fundamental..
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26 Feb 2018

Dissecting Serbia: Why the nation’s IT and Outsourcing is so important, and so good

By Polina Tibets, Head of Tech Due Diligence at Digital Knights
24 Nov 2017

How successful CIOs navigate the Innovation Process

‘Innovation is the process of pushing a new concept toward its implementation in the society with the objective of creating value. Uncertainty is the key unavoidable aspect of innovation.’ – Innovation Intelligence (2015)
01 Nov 2017

Digital Knights joins Simple Token as Advisory Member in the push for Tokenization

Amid the rise of corporate and consumer-facing Blockchain technology, Digital Knights is pleased to announce an agreement with Simple Token to become an advisory member for the side-chain protocol, utility-token, and SaaS platform for business

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Smart Contracts, Remote Teams, and the Influence of Blockchain

The Current State of Affairs More and more companies are outsourcing their digital innovation projects,...
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Product Owners: Understanding who the real MVP is – Part Two

This is part one of a two-part series on product owners, what they do, how...
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Product Owners: Understanding who the real MVP is – Part One

Part One This is the first of a two-part series on product owners, what they...
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